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Kern Construction New Logo

The new face of Kern Konstruction

Kern Konstruction was founded by Brian Kern and his wife Dorothy in 1970. From the very beginning, they focused on core values like quality construction and client satisfaction, developing a legacy which continues today. Now Kern Konstruction moves forward with a progressive new look and the next generation of Kerns leading the way.

Growing up, Carson Kern was surrounded by the construction industry. After college, when he committed to joining the family business, the process of transition began. Kern’s status as a family run business.

Carson is well aware of all the changes in construction over the past 40 years and he intends to stay out front with technology, advances and designs. “With all the changes and new systems in the industry we felt it was important that our logo represent the company properly in the 21st century,” he said.

Kern’s clients know that core values, like quality work and customer service, which they’ve received in the past, will be just as important in the future. Brian Kern states, “Just as our old image represented us well during the past 40 years, our new image will be the standard of Carson as he moves the company forward.”